Vx4 Power

Always, for anyone, the power of Vx4 is nearby (controlled medical device)

The Vx4 Series is a product developed by our company, a long-time industry pioneer of the manufacturing and sale of medical devices, in collaboration with Professor Hideaki Akune (J.F. Oberlin University), designed to be the "optimal tool" for building health and achieving athletic potential.
We succeeded in significantly increasing the effects of magnetic therapy devices through the use of a "neodymium magnet", thought to be the strongest magnet in the world.
During development, we enlisted support and gathered opinions from numerous sports athletes, including athletes from the Japan Women's National Baseball team, as well as people involved in health management activities.
We hope that people desiring to enhance their health and improve their athletic abilities will try our Vx4 products.

Origin of Vx4

1)Utilizing vibrational energy, we aim for achieve physical balance
2)Strive to create a healthy balance that allows for the development of a life plan with value
3)Strive to create a vivid, dynamic balance
4)Strive to reach individual potential and create a sporty balance in order to achieve victory.

Secret Behind Vx4 Power

The source of the Vx4's power is:
(1)The effects of magnetic therapy, certified by the Health, Labour, and Welfare Ministry for "improving circulation and muscle tension"
(2)Vibrating magnetic field resonance is applied to achieve active energy.
In other words, the effects of a magnetic medical device and power of vibrating magnetic field resonance energy combine to create a synergetic effect that benefits both health and exercise.

Secret Behind Vx4 Power
Characteristics of Vx4 magnetic therapy device

The Vx4 is a magnetic therapy device and there are many types of permanent magnets used in magnetic therapy devices.
The permanent magnet used in the Vx4 is a rare earth neodymium magnet, one of the strongest magnets in existence.
Neodymium magnets have an exceptionally strong magnetic force and are widely used for industrial purposes including in vehicles, high-speed rail, computers, and hospital medical devices. Today, these magnets are a vital part of our society.
Since Vx4 uses the highest level neodymium magnets, magnetic forces reach deep into the body to provide significant benefits.

Characteristics of vibrational magnetic field resonance energy
Characteristics of vibrational magnetic field resonance energy

The resonance of external vibrations at a certain frequency and the body's natural vibrations work to create significant energy.
This phenomenon is called vibrational magnetic field resonance.
This principle is utilized in various fields, a well-known application being the MRI, which enables us to use a computer for cross-section imaging of the human body.
The greatest characteristic is the ability to produce energy of equivalent strength in the form of resistance to external stimulation or pressure. This is called induced absorption and induced emission.
Energy produced activates various bodily functions and by applying additional magnetic force, we can achieve a great impact on our health and during exercise.

Major Vx4 validation results

Comparison of foot-to-ground contact surface area when standing on one foot

Measured the foot-to-ground contact surface area when on one foot for 20 seconds on an FPS (bottom of foot pressure gauge)

Comparison of foot-to-ground contact surface area when standing on one foot

Comparison of lower limb muscular activity while standing on one foot

Using a myoelectric gauge, muscular activity when standing on one foot is measured for the rectus muscle, vastus medialis, femoral bicep, anterior tibialis, and anterior gastrocnemius muscle. For exterior stimulation, a 1kg dumbbell was held in each hand.

Comparison of lower limb muscular activity while standing on one foot

The increase in foot-to-ground contact surface area and muscular activity in the muscles of the lower limb when standing on one foot

?increases athletic performance
?and prevents tripping and falling.

「Excerpt taking from paper presented at the 67th Japan Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine」