Frequently asked questions

1)What kind of product is the Vx4 Series?

The Vx4 Series is a product developed by our company, a long-time industry pioneer for medical devices, designed to be the "optimal tool" for building health and stabilizing balance.
We aim to creation conditions that allow for 100% utilization of the human body's natural force and power by consistently maintaining optimal conditions for best performance.

2) How long does it take for benefits to appear?

It does depend on the individual but in most people, they can sense the power of the Vx4 as soon as they put it on. You should be able to feel the changes in balance, concentration, and athletic ability.

3) What is the optimal way to wear the product to achieve maximum effect?

With all our products, if the product is located around 1cm from the body, you will feel the power of the Vx4 no matter how you wear it. You can also put it in your pocket.

4) Can multiple Vx4 devices be used together?

Yes. You can feel the power with a single device but wearing multiple devices at once will allow you to feel the power even more compared to a single device.

5) What is the appropriate loop ring size?

This depends on the individual so it is difficult to say and it also depends on which part of your body you wear the device but we recommend a size that provides a little extra room without being too tight.

6) Are Vx4 Series products medical devices?

Yes, both the necklace and the loop ring are products certified as controlled medical device. You can feel safe in using them.